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Do you need capitation or risk assessment and adjustment analysis?

  We can develop models to assess the per-capita cost implicit in virtually any health care contract. You may be an employer or other purchaser of group health care coverage, a health plan which sells such coverage and purchases the services of provider organizations, or a provider organization which sells medical services in quantity to health plans. We can help you understand how to achieve your strategic financial objectives, including how much risk you can bear, where your real revenue opportunities lie, and how you can minimize your costs. We use the most sophisticated econometric methods available, unlike the big-name actuarial and accounting firms, and we can do it for a fraction of their inflated fees.  

Do you need Medicaid, Medicare or commercial health care claims analysis?

  We can convert, organize, clean, validate, reduce, summarize mine and model claims databases consisting of hundreds of millions of records. State-of-the-art hardware and software have made big, expensive computers virtually obsolete. But many of the big consulting firms have made huge investments in them and are locked into doing things the same old way. Our cutting-edge systems give us total flexibility to work with any size date set, from bits to hundreds of gigabytes. No job is too big for us. We recently analyzed 450 million Medicaid claims with superior care and expertise, in less time, and at a fraction of the cost, than would have been required by larger and less specialized consulting firms.  

Do you need expert witness/litigation support services?

  While serving as a key expert witness in the Mississippi, Texas and Florida Medicaid tobacco lawsuits, we refined and applied the damages model used to calculate the medical care cost estimates that aided in negotiating the settlement of these cases. Our processing of the claims data in these lawsuits gave us full knowledge of, and confidence in, all of the data and procedures used to calculate the damages estimates and strengthened our credibility as the key damages expert. Because of our complex understanding of statistical methodologies, we were able to provide a comprehensive analysis of competing expert witness depositions and testimony. We can develop and apply sophisticated, econometric, demographic, and statistical models to help support you with your case.  

Do you need a Web, database, or spreadsheet based data collection and analysis system developed?

  We have decades of experience in data collection and analysis from simple surveys to integrating and interpreting information from complex datasets. We can create health care cost modeling systems in Java, SAS, Excel or other software programs customized to your specifications. We know the difference between producing fancy reports that look good on the conference room table and functional, easy-to-use practical applications for your end users. We know how to find the gold buried in your data warehouse and give you access to its mountain of resources in formats that you and your staff can use time and time again. Of course, we can do fancy reports too!  

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